Creating a WordPress contact form using WP Form Builder plugin

WP Form builder is a great premium plugin to help you easily build WordPress forms of all sizes, in this article we will take you step by step through creating a contact form, setting up email notifications, configuring field validation, and thanking the user for completing the form. This article presumes you have the WP

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How to add products per page dropdown to WooCommerce product archive

How to add a products per page dropdown to WooCommerce product archives with saving and loading from session variables and user meta data.

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Automatically add coupons to WooCommerce Basket

How to extend WooCommerce coupons and automatically add coupons to a customers basket if the conditions are met.

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JC Importer – WordPress Importer Plugin Released

JC Importer started out as an internal project which was later expanded upon and restructured into a WordPress plugin. JC Importer allows you to easily import data from CSV and XML files into built in WordPress post_types, taxonomies and users.

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PHP function for adding classes to html columns

A handy function to easily add classes to columns by taking the current record counter and returning a list of classes which match the current counter.

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Extending WooCommerce search query to include custom fields

How to extend WooCommerce product search functionality to search in the product description and custom fields, instead of the basic woocommerce search which just searches products by their title.

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How to order wordpress posts and custom post_types

When working on a recent project i needed to display a custom post_type in a specific order, to do this we need to hook into the main wordpress for the post or custom post_types archive and override the default arguments with our custom order and any other parameters we wish to change.

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WooCommerce Shopping Cart Donation

How to Add a Donation input field to WooCommerce cart page, Allowing customers to round their shopping cart to the nearest £ with a donation.

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WooCommerce Shortcode to list Categories and Featured Products

WooCommerce comes with the ability to set featured products along with the option to display them as a list using a Wordpress shortcode. This article will show you how to add a new shortcode to WooCommerce to display a list of categories and the featured products within these categories.

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Adventures into Buddypress

The idea of setting up a social network onto of WordPress CMS sounds like an excellent idea waiting to happen, so why haven’t I tried this yet.

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