WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes / WooCommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes Features

Take control of WooCommerce product attributes with JC WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes to help manage product attributes by introducing woocommerce attribute groups, also transform the display of woocommerce product attributes to output attribute thumbnails, attribute colour swatches, and text instead of the default dropdown menus.

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WooCommerce Attribute Image Thumbnails and Colour Swatches

Transform your product page with attribute images, attribute colour swatches, and text. If using variable products the attribute dropdowns will also be replaced with attribute images, attribute colour swatches and attribute text.

WooCommerce Attribute Colour Swatches

Instead of customers choosing a products colour from a boring text dropdown, display a colour swatch of the products colour instead. The colour can be set using a colour picker tool, or by manually typing the hexidecimal colour value.

WooCommerce Attribute Image Thumbnails

Allow customers to choose product options by selecting an image that best represent that choice improving the visual look of any product.

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WooCommerce Attribute Groups

Take control of woocommerce product attributes, by creating attribute groups which can easily be added to woocommerce products. Attribute grouping allows you to create groups of attributes which can be inserted onto products removing the repetitive task of adding attributes individually, saving time when managing your inventory.

Create Attribute Groups

Create attribute groups for different product types to save you time when adding attributes to products.

Load Attribute Group onto products

Edit a product as usual, under the product attributes select the attribute group you wish to load into the product, which loads all attributes and their settings.

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WooCommerce Advanced Attributes

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