Adventures into Buddypress

The idea of setting up a social network onto of WordPress CMS sounds like an excellent idea waiting to happen, so why haven’t I tried this yet.

Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be exploring and documenting my progress as I try and tailor Buddypress (current version 1.8) with WordPress (current version 3.6) with my custom theme to meet my social network needs:

  • Customised Group Creation Process – Simplify group creation process into one step, and only allowing private groups.
  • Customised Member Roles within Groups – Add the ability to create a position, and invite a user specifically for that role.
  • Group and Member Media / Galleries – Upload video, images to a group page or on a members page.
  • Group Categories – Add a Group to a single category which groups can be filtered by
  • Member Categories – Allow members to be in multiple categories
  • Build a custom menu bar – display social notifications allowing to hiding the WP Menu bar.

Currently as of writing this I do not know the extendibility of Buddypress but if it is anything like WordPress then these features should all be possible.

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