JC Importer – WordPress Importer Plugin Released

JC Importer started out as an internal project which was later expanded upon and restructured into a WordPress plugin. JC Importer allows you to easily import data from CSV and XML files into built in WordPress post_types, taxonomies and users.

WordPress importer by XML and CSV files

All importer templates can be used by either XML, CSV, or by any custom parser’s you wish to create. Each parser has their own custom modal windows which allow you to easily choose what data is inserted into each field.

WordPress importer templates:

JC Importer comes with the following built in importer templates, which can be extended by creating a custom template or by installing the custom fields addon for JC Importer which allows you to extend each post_type template with custom fields through the template edit screen.

  • Page Importer Template
  • Post Importer Template
  • User Importer Template
  • Taxonomy Importer Template


WordPress importer templates for custom post type

If you are looking to import into custom post_types or custom taxonomies then you can easily extend the plugin and create a new WordPress importer template by extending one of the existing templates or by starting from scratch, guides on this can be found in the JC Importer documentation section.

View JC Importer Page or   Download from wordpress.org

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