What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?

Over the past while I have seen an increase in the misuse of the phrase Search engine optimisation when speaking to others in regards to website design and online marketing, it seems that most times when it pops up in conversation either the person speaking has no knowledge of what search engine optimisation is and are guessing or they believe it to be something completely different to what it actually is.

By the end of this article you will have a better understanding of what search engine optimisation is.

What isn’t search engine optimisation

Most common misconceptions with what search engine optimisation is often let people believe that it is a way to market your website online, which replaces online advertisement such as Pay Per Click advertisement campaigns. Search engine optimisation should not be used solely to market a website, but it can be used to help improve traffic to a website along with an online marketing strategy.

How can my company benefit from SEO

Every website we design, every website anyone designs should be optimised for search engines, as websites designed without search engine optimisation will receive less natural search engine results. If you have a website already for your business but has not been optimised for target keywords, it is still possible to modify your website without having to redo the whole creation process again.

Search Engine Optimisation helps you to categorize each page of your website to your target audience, for example:

Lets say you own a bar that specialises is fancy liqueurs and exotic drinks, and you are wanting to promote your company online with your website, Search engine optimisation is the process to explain what content is displayed on the page, e.g. if you had a page advertising a specific exotic drink, you want it to advertise that drink not drinks in general.

Search engine optimisation is a combination of the websites design, code, and content.

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