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PHP function for adding classes to html columns

A handy function to easily add classes to columns by taking the current record counter and returning a list of classes which match the current counter.

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PHP Bitbucket Deployment Script

This article will show you how to create a Bitbucket Deployment Script and link it as a POST service to your git repository, allowing file changes to be automatically updated on your server once a commit has been pushed to the remote repository.

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Git reverting to previous commits on local and remote repositories

Tags in version control systems can be used to keep track of different development versions. This article will show you how to revert back to previous tagged versions, and how to update the remote repository with the changes.

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PHP Email Pipe, Send Email to a PHP Program

Email piping allows emails to be processed via a script on the server instead of them being sent to a mailbox. This process can be seen in many support ticket systems allowing clients to create new support tickets via emails which are sent to a specified email address.

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What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?

Over the past while I have seen an increase in the misuse of the phrase Search engine optimisation when speaking to others in regards to website design and online marketing, it seems that most times when it pops up in conversation either the person speaking has no knowledge of what search engine optimisation is and

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