Attribute Group Management

Manage attributes easily by creating attribute groups which can easily be added to products, removing the repetitive task of individually adding each attribute manual per product.

Attribute groups can be managed under Product > Attribute Groups, similar to posts management you are shown a paginated list of all attribute groups, where you can edit/delete exsiting attribute groups by hovering over the group name, or create new ones by clicking on the Add new Attribute Group button displayed at the top of the page.

Attribute Group Management

Add/Edit an attribute group

Once you have clicked on the add or edit button you should see a page where you can set the group title, and list attribites in the current group. You can manage the attributes exactly the same as you would do when editing a product.

Attribute Group Edit

Loading an Attribute Group on a Product

To use an existing attribute group, goto the edit screen of the product you wish to edit and load up the product data attribute tab. Select the previously saved attribute group from the drop down (highlighted below) and click on the button labeled Load to add the attribute group to the exsiting product attributes.

Load an Attribute Group Toolbar

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