WordPress: Password protecting a post

An introduction to changing your posts viability, and how to remove Protected: and Private from your post titles.

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WordPress is child to selected page

This snippet of code is very useful when creating sub navigation in WordPress. It allows you to check if a page is a child of a specific page.

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get_the_content() not formatting when output

Using get_the_content() instead of the_content() function in your theme, to modify the content before displaying it on the website but the output is different when using the_content(). WordPress get_the_content() does not run its formatting functions.

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get_terms not showing any results

Trying to display a list of all your wordpress categories or any other taxonomy, but no results are being displayed? WordPress get_terms() function by default does not show any empty taxonomies.

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What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation?

Over the past while I have seen an increase in the misuse of the phrase Search engine optimisation when speaking to others in regards to website design and online marketing, it seems that most times when it pops up in conversation either the person speaking has no knowledge of what search engine optimisation is and

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Custom WordPress Queries – Extending The Events Calendar Plugin

The Events Calendar plugin developed by modern tribe is brilliant plugin that can be used to manage all sorts of event on a WordPress website. This article will demonstrate how to query custom post types using the Events Calendar Plugin.

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Modifying WordPress Search Results, Excluding Pages

When developing a single page website, allowing the client to customise each individual section of the page by editing them as sub-page. Once this was working, a problem appeared when testing the search box by all these pages showing up in the results. This article will explain how to tailor WordPress search results.

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WordPress Excerpt Customise – the_excerpt()

This article is a collection of snippets that can be used to modify the look and feel of excerpts on your WordPress Theme, to use any of these snippets copy and paste them into your functions.php file within your themes directory.

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