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WooCommerce Shopping Cart Donation

How to Add a Donation input field to WooCommerce cart page, Allowing customers to round their shopping cart to the nearest £ with a donation.

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PHP Bitbucket Deployment Script

This article will show you how to create a Bitbucket Deployment Script and link it as a POST service to your git repository, allowing file changes to be automatically updated on your server once a commit has been pushed to the remote repository.

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WordPress disable specific plugin from being updated

Want to stop a certain plugin from being updated by a client, maybe the last release of the plugin before a major update change.

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PHP Email Pipe, Send Email to a PHP Program

Email piping allows emails to be processed via a script on the server instead of them being sent to a mailbox. This process can be seen in many support ticket systems allowing clients to create new support tickets via emails which are sent to a specified email address.

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