JC Submenu / Wordpress Dynamic Menu Plugin

Enable Menu Population

JC Submenu has been created to allow you to take control of wordpress menu’s. Allowing you to¬†automatically populate wordpress menu items with post types, taxonomies, and pages.

With fully customisable options to filter out which items create the submenu, and how they are displayed on the screen by taking advantage of the plugins actions and filters.

Dynamic Menu Items

JC Submenu allows you to automatically populate menu items with child items, from either post_types, taxonomies, or child pages.

Submenu Widget

With fully customisable widgets to output a specific menu, menu section, or split menu which relates the output to the current site page.

Template Actions & Filters

With built in actions allowing you to output sections of menu from your theme, or change the output of the menu by using it filters.

Download from wordpress   or   View the full documentation


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