Roadmap / JC Submenu


  • Fix menu highlighting when not using JC_Submenu_Nav_Walker


  • Fix add_post_meta not set to unique when saving menu items, causing multiple entries to be saved.


  • Fix filter jcs/enable_public_walker to actually be used, as before it was not able to be overwritten by themes only plugins


  • Added jcs/split_menu/populated_elements, jcs/section_menu/populated_elements, jcs/populated_elements to allow modification of populated menu elements
  • Updated Readme to be tested upto wp 4


  • Fix error when populating with an empty array of posts
  • Add jcs/enable_public_walker filter to disable/enable the public walker to allow jc submenu be used with other custom walkers.
  • Add jcs/split_widget_title to overwrite split menu title
  • Add {{PARENT_TITLE}} template tags to show the active parent item in the split menu widget.


  • Added filter to change submenu level class jcs/menu_level_class, return array of classes
  • Added the option to populate by post date archive
  • Added post date archive grouping by year


  • Fixed infinite loop error when passed badly formed menu items.


  • Simplified dynamic menu population
  • Added the ability to replace the current item with dynamically populated items


  • Fixed clone() warning
  • Added trigger_depth to split menu
  • Fixed Menu Ordering
  • Updated FAQ Section


  • Renamed filter from jci/menu_item_args to jcs/menu_item_args


  • Add menu item filters jcs/item_title, jcs/item_url, jcs/page_item_title, jcs/page_item_url, jcs/post_item_title, jcs/post_item_url, jcs/term_item_title, jcs/term_item_url
  • Add admin-menu notice to show if item is dynamically populated
  • Add compatability to other plugins who use a custom admin walker
  • Add setting to disable ajax menu edit
  • Add menu item argument filters jci/menu_item_args to allow customisation of output per item


  • Add class filter jcs/item_classes
  • Add class filter jcs/term_item_classes
  • Add class filter jcs/post_item_classes
  • Add class filter jcs/page_item_classes
  • Add WP_Query arguments filter jcs/post_query_args, jcs/post_$menu-item-id_query_args
  • Add get_pages arguments filter jcs/page_query_args, jcs/page_$menu-item-id_query_args
  • Add get_terms arguments filter jcs/term_query_args, jcs/term_$menu-item-id_query_args
  • Ouput post_type with hierarchy
  • Removed php strict warnings


  • Added option into populate by taxonomy to set the term parent


  • Removed PHP Warning for imploding false in exclude terms list
  • Remove PHP Warning for missing array in exclude pages list


  • Fixed SubmenuWalker replaces order_by with orderby
  • Added in basic CSV input taxonomy term exclusion.


  • Added option to limit taxonomy depth
  • Added option to exclude child pages
  • Added Split menu shortcode
  • Added Menu section shortcode
  • Fixed possible function conflict
  • Fixed menu depth
  • Fixed split menu
  • Fixed menu section
  • Fixed post_type / page with taxonomy not highlighting menu item


  • Added child page order support
  • Fixed Javascript jumping bug
  • Added version to js,css to fix cache problem
  • Added documentation notification link on plugin update
  • Added Menu Section Widget


  • Added Split menu output action jcs/split_menu, Menu Section output action jcs/split_menu to allow theme developers to output submenus.


  • Split Menu Widget Added


  • Interface update
  • Custom post type population can now be filtered by a Taxonomy
  • Javascript update
  • Compatability with wordpress 3.6

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